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    What are growing pains?

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    After graduating from her Masters in Clinical Chiropractic, Cassie has completed two post graduate degrees in Chiropractic Sport Science and Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation. Her post graduate … View Profile

    Growing pains are common but uncomfortable for preschoolers and school-aged children. They tend to be worse and more frequently occur at night time, sometimes waking up the child. The throbbing or ache is generally felt in the legs and is frequently on both sides of the body.

    They are generally helped by stretching, massaging and applying heat to the affected area.

    Currently, we don't know what causes growing pains. It doesn't relate to growth spurts but the name has stuck. It may relate to overuse and muscle fatigue but this is still being researched.

    If you are concerned, consult your doctor or health professional. Some signs that you should contact your doctor are a fever, fatigue, persistant pain upon waking up, limp, redness, persistant swelling, child not letting you touch the area.

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