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    How can a chiropractor help with sinusitis?

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    Dr Sim Choroomi

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    The most important issue here is correct diagnosis - Sinusitis needs to be correctly diagnosed first. All too often people assume they have sinusitis because of other issues like chronic headaches or a blocked nose from a deviated septum.

    To correctly diagnose sinusitis you either need to have an ENT look inside your nose or have a CT scan performed. Once confirmed it is sinusitis and nothing else, proper treatment can be given.

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    Can't comment on chiropractic treatment of sinusitis but osteopaths often see patients presenting with this issue. Agree with above, correct diagnosis is important.

    Treatment from an osteopath would involve releasing soft tissue, connective tissue and joints through the neck to make sure that the lymphatics that drain inflammation of the head and neck has free passage. Dysfunction through this area is a bit like a kink in the hose, we still get fluid movement, but it isn't efficient. When fluid is stagnant it sets the stage for disease.

    Certainly worth trying, it may help to reduce the severity if your body is more able to process it.

    Hope this helps,


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    A/Prof Larry Kalish

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    Most "sinus" headaches are actually myofacial OR muscle tension headaches. The muscles of the face literally circle the eyes, attach above the eyebrows and over the nasal bridge and they are all connected! so neck pain or shoulder tension or bad posture can all cause muscle tension which feels like pain over the sinuses. Because most people think this is "sinus" they find that a chiropractor or osteopath or acupunturist who improves the muscle tension is actually curing their "sinus". They are definitely helping their headaches and actually do a great job of it and I am sure they have many satisfied customers but for actual sinus issues there is NO manipulation of the neck which will improve an inflammatory or infectious condition.

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