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    How do I help my best friend who wont help herself?

    My best friend is 25 and depressed. I am trying to help her as much as possible but she wont do anything to help herself and its frustrating me to the point where I dont want to be around her. The doctor told her to go to counselling but she wont go. I have depression myself and I understand that its difficult and I know I sound like a terrible best friend, but I don't know how to help anymore. It just drains me. I just want my best friend back. How do I become more patient and how do I stop being so frustrated with her.
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    Brigitte Safrana

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

    I created Surfing The Blues and Surfing The Baby Blues Counselling & Hypnotherapy services in order to help individuals and couples restore balance in their … View Profile

    i understand that you want to help your friend and as such you are proving to be a good friend yourself, but the answer to your question is that you can't help someone who does not to be helped.  Your best course of action is to look after yourself because it sounds like this relationship is draining you more than it is helping.  May be your friend has not gone far down enough in her “dark night of the soul” journey to actually seek help.  This is a decision however, that she has to make herself.   Make sure that you, on the other hand, surround yourself with people who bring joy and understanding in your life.  Life is journey, as we say…Good luck to you

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