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    Why does my eczema flare up in summer?

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    I thought eczema had to do with a problem with the skins barrier function thereby impairing the ability for it to retain moisture. Why then would my eczema flare up in summer? I would think winter would be worse as it is so dry.
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    A/Prof John Su

    Dermatologist (Skin Specialist), Paediatrician

    Paediatric dermatologist, Senior lecturer at University of Melbourne and Monash University View Profile

    Ecezma is related to a skin barrier function but the dynamic is complex and multi-factorial. Eczema can be flared up by dryness, but also by heat, immune triggers, stress and behavioral triggers, contact with course fabrics and fibers, etc. So there are many different reasons why eczema would flare up in summer. Also, irritants are common and water is the most common irritant to trigger eczema.

    Air conditioning can also cause dryness. Heating in winter appears to worsen eczema because of the lower humidity and dryness, but the same goes for air conditioning and also travel. Sometimes the climatic changes in airplanes and that acclimatising to different places can also take its toll on skin.

  • Virginia Adams

    HealthShare Member

    I am in the middle of an eczema flare up. For weeks I couldn't sleep more than two hours at a time because I was so itchy. I was getting rashes all over my body and I was uncomfortable all of the time. I was planning to go to the dermatologist but I couldn't get schedule until a month out. I would not be able to survive all that time not sleeping. I did some research on google and i ordered Foderma serum after seeing a few good reviews and the night that I first put it on, I slept almost all the way through the night. Now that I have been using it for about a month, I ordered another bottel. My eczema everywhere is healing really quickly. It is still itchy sometimes but it isn't anywhere near as unbarable. I am so happy with it and have confidence it will end my flare up soon!

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    Anita Cooney

    HealthShare Member

    Where can I buy Foderma from?

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