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    Is it normal for 30yo to still get "random" erections throughout the day?

    I understand that this would be expected in puberty, but it doesn't seemed to have slowed down. I get them at some very odd and inconvenient times (driving, sitting at table or in the couch, lying in bed trying to get to sleep, etc.)

    It's an odd thing for a guy to complain about, but it's uncomfortable a lot of the time, not to mention embarrassing if I think others can notice it.

    Is there something that could be causing it hormonally? Or perhaps my sex life (or lack thereof)? Or something else (like mentally)?
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    Random erections are normal - even for a 30 year old.  An erection is also a sign of healthy cardio-vascular system.

    You will find with age that random erections will become less.  I worked with one young man who was worried that he had noticed that since turning 32 his erections did not happen as often.  So you are not alone in being 30 and having random erections. 

    Although that said, I would suggest that the erections are not so “random” but rather a physiological response to a stimulus. For example, rubbing of clothing, or a thought. In regards to the physical discomfort, placement of the flaccid penis in underwear in positions which are least liekly to cause pain in the erect state will help.  Try dressing to the left or right rather than upwards or pointing downwards.  A number of years a young Australian entrepeneur (Andrew Archer) invented the “Stiffy” undies, which contained a pocket to place the pneis in which helped “hide” the erection and keep it in a comfortable spot.  For more information on Andrew's invention see the New Inventors website:

    Bottom line is do not worry.  If the erection happens just before you have to get up and walk, as a 30 year old man , I am sure, like most of us, you have had expereince at hiding the errant “boner”.  Even an un-sexy thought is likely to help.

    Dr Christopher
    Sex & Relationship Therapist

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