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    Have been told I should go to hospital due to depression.. help!?

    Told that going to hospital will help me, as they can change my medication etc. But I have 4 kids and a shift worker husband, not alot of support from my family. To me going to hospital is saying you are mental, and I will always have that branded against me. I really think things will not get any better. Have been and still seeing psychologist, and psychiatrist. Still think im a burden on my kids and husband. Im not the parent I use to be. Everything I do is never good enough. I HATE ME!
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    HealthShare Member

    Dear Lost, I hear you.  I intially spent 4 weeks in a psychiatric hospital came home for a week and then admitted myself for another 3 weeks.  I needed help and even tho it was the scariest thing I've probably ever done in my life at that time, it was also the best thing for me.  I had 24 hours care, someone to cook and to clean for me and all i had to do was get well.  The hospital I went to was fantastic and not only did I see a gp, and a psychiatrist, I also had classes morning and afternoon with pschologists who helped us to get our minds in a better place.  I learnt so much all of which I took home with me to help me on a day to day basis to stay well balanced.  I also met the most wonderful people (patients) and to be able to be with others going through similar as me also helpled.  I know its hard to leave your family (can your husband take holidays and compasionate leave)?  I also have four children and most of the other patients I met also had children.  Families do pull together to help and what does it matter if they label you???  Do you really care about unsupportive peoples opinions??  This could be the best thing you could do for you, take the time out and start to get back to who you were and the new you of who you will be……it won't be easy but it will be worth it.  love and hugs and best of luck.  YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON WHO JUST NEEDS A LITTLE BIT OF HELP, so take it and enjoy it too!!!!!

  • Christine

    HealthShare Member

    Dear Lost (but finding her way), I also wanted to add that even tho I was in a hospital for 7 weeks, I did go home every wednesday for 1/2 day and also on weekends (so I was able to help out with all the mundane stuff at the same time) whenI would go home.  Being in a psychiatric hospital doesnt mean you are locked away.  You will have quiet alot of freedom whilst there if you want it.  Best of luck.

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    Hi lost

    A few years ago I spent about a month as a voluntary patient in a private psychiatric hospital.

    This was done at the suggestion of my psychiatrist - the AD that I was on then was (for me) worse than useless (suicidal ideation, no attempts) and he wanted me to be monitored during switching to another which has (for me) been great.

    For me it was a positive and life-changing experience. Being able to share with the other patients was empowering - it helped me to understand that I am not a “freak”.

    Also, it led to me being a member of a out-patient mood disorders therapy group (run by the hospital) for two years.

    In combination, those two things mean that I am now “in remission”.

    I am sure that can happen for you as well.

    All the best.

  • CrochetQueenKerry

    HealthShare Member

    I too am worried about needing to go to hospital (in my view this would mean I was officially Mentally Ill). I may not have to, but I will be guided by my (very good) psychiatrist. Yes I know it would probably help, meds, group therapy etc. Sensible attitude, but I feel quite fearful in my heart. I don't really need a “holiday” as I am retired and could please myself (eg hobbies, trips) anyway. So what can I possibly depressed about??? But I still am…


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