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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Should I be very concerned for someone going off bipolar medication?

    My father has recently decided to go off his bipolar medication after being on it for quite sometime. He has been in hospital for the last month.
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  • Karen Amos

    Counsellor, Personal Trainer

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    That is definitely something that would be of a concern. Bipolar, as we know contains symptoms of high manic behavior and low depressed behavior, which is why the disorder can be dangerous. It's always very important to be under a medical team or a mental health care team particularly, if you're having a hospital stay.

    If you would have been under medical supervision, to leave a hospital stay and take yourself off medication without the support and guidance of your health care professional can be dangerous. So, it's a good thing to get back engaged with mental health care team in order to support your father.

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