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    I've just been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Does this mean I need to stop playing golf and doing other sports?

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    Luke Delvecchio

    Diabetes Educator, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist

    Specializing in the assessment and treatment of metabolism related weight disorders. View Profile

    with this question, the first point would be to get medical advice, because, some people with atrial fibrillation have more extreme symptoms than others. So therefore, the first thing the person should do is seek medical advice. But most of the time, people with atrial fibrillation can continue to play sport, particularly golf. They may need to get medical advice about the side effects that some of the medications may have, which may affect their performance in their sports. But generally we would advise them to seek medical advice, have an understanding of their medications and their side effects, and possibly they can continue playing sport.

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