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    What could the pain on the inside of my upper theighs be?

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and for the last 5-8 weeks i have been experiencing pain in the inside of my theighs (the top of the inner theigh)- it is worse in the morning or when i get up in the middle of the night, it is like a stiffness. Is there anything i can do to help with this?
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  • Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is co-founder of the Chirosports Group one of Australia's leading groups of Chiropractors working together since 1994. Dr Michael Cohen Chiropractor … View Profile

    Discomfort in pregnancy in the upper thighs can sometimes be the result of nerve interference as a result of the extra weight being carried, changes in nerve supply to your legs while sleeping and sometimes a subluxation (tight joint) in your back in an area that supplies nerve flow to your legs.  It could also be the result of your sleeping position, however, it's possible and quite likely that it's both a tightness in your back combined with your sleeping position.

    I would suggest seeing a Chiropractor.  Chiropractic care in pregnancy can be beneficial for this type of problem.  The treatment is very gentle, non-invasive, safe and often results in a great amount of relief.  There are Chiropractors who undertake advanced training to help women in pregnancy.  The added benefit of this treatment can be that many women report a reduction in discomfort during later stages of pregnancy and labour when they have been cared for by a Chiropractor.

    I'm not sure where you are located, however, if you would like to contact us at Chirosports Coogee, we have a Chiropractor Dr Felicity Young who has a special interest in helping women who have your symptoms in pregnancy.  Her client base includes a large number of pregnant women and babies.  Please feel free to email or contact me by phone to connect with Felicity to discuss this in more detail.

    All the best with your pregnancy and getting a restful night sleep before your baby arrives.

    Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor

  • Helen Potter


    As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with extensive experience and highly advanced qualifications, as well as excellent communication skills, I can help you to: Become informed … View Profile

    Helen Potter Specialist Physiotherapist Subiaco WA
    as Doctor Cohen has said, there are many possible reasons. Why continue to worry about the possibilities?
    See your doctor or a physiotherapist experienced with pregnancy and musculoskeletal problems for a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and advice.
    My approach is very gentle and educational. The cause should be clear if it is related to your pelvis or spine and if it is not i can advise you or what to ask your doctor.
     You will not be booked up for a dozen sessions!

    Helen Potter
    Specialist Physiotherapist
    Subiaco WA

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    Matthew Hodgson has over 20 years of experience and specialises in correcting the underlying cause of peoples problems. He uses advanced diagnostic techniques and leading-edge … View Profile

    The most likely cause is due to a change in the distribution of weight that occurs in the later stages of pregnancy. This puts undue strain on the joints of the pelvis and low back ( just imagine carrying around an extra 15 kilograms in front of you all the time). This can be due to a previous postural problem that is being exacerbated with pregnancy or with the increased relaxation of the ligaments of your spine and pelvis in the later stages of your pregnancy.

    I would recommend seeing a Chiropractor who specializes in looking after pregnant women. As Ms Potter stated this should be easily helped and you wouldn't be booked in for a dozen sessions with a Chiropractic specialist.

    Good luck with the birth!

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