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    Why is my cycle suddenly irregular?

    I have had a regular 27/28 day cycle for years. I have been trying to conceive for the last 4 months and out of the blue I got my recent period on day 25 with spotting beforehand on day 24. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. A handful of times I may have gotten my period day 29 or 30 but have never had it so early or with spotting beforehand. Should I see a gynaecologist about this?
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    There's quite a number of things that can affect your cycle.  A few common factors include weight gain or loss, stress or change in diet.  How much fat you consume affects your estrogen production and thus affects your cycle.

    Whether you go and see a gynae or not depends on your age, how important it is for you to concieve soon and your medical history.  I'd probably monitor it for another month, and if you're still having issues chat to your GP.

    If you are having trouble conceiving, it may be worth chatting to a dietitian as well as to your doctor and gynae.

    Melanie McGrice

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