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    Can supplemental vitamins help if I have Crohn's?

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    For children , there is quite a lot of science showing that an enteral diet can help. This is a supplement containing all needed nutrients fed through a tube. This gives the entire gut quite a rest, and this period of rest is thought to help and it has quite a good result for children.

    In adults, this method is not used quite as often. However there is some science showing that people who go onto a similar support program, whereby they stop eating food and use a hospital based nutritional supplement for a significant period of time, can help alleviate symptoms and potentially put them into remission. Obviously this needs to be done under the guidance of a medical intervention team.

    On a more day-to-day basis, somebody that has Crohn's Disease could talk to a health professional about the use of high dose omega-3 supplements in addition to their normal eating style. There is some scientific data that suggests this can help as omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties and Crohn's is an inflammation disorder. There are some clinical trials and so it's certainly something that does get used and is worthy of consideration.

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