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    Where do I go to get a chalazion taken out?

    I have had a Chalazion in my lower eyelid for 6 months now and my doctor has been monitoring it. It has been infected twice and I have had two courses of antibiotics, that got rid of the infection and swelling, but didn't decrease the size at all. My doc has said that I may have to get it taken out, but he is not sure where I can do this, as its considered a ‘cosmetic’ procedure. It is annoying and sometimes sore, and I am at the point were I want it out. I have also tried warm compresses of epsom salts and water, I did this a few times a day for 6 weeks, in which it did get smaller at first, but then got to a point where its just hard and has been the same size weather I compress it or not. Some days it looks like a large pimple that comes to the outside surface, almost like it wants to ‘pop’ out. Is this something I can get done at an optometrist? Thankyou
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  • Paul Brand

    HealthShare Member

    I would see an optometrist first for confirmation of the diagnosis, as there are other lid lumps that can appear similar to a chalazion.  The optometrist can then refer you on to an ophthalmologist who can remove the chalazion or otherwise treat the problem.  I don't think this is purely a cosmetic procedure.  Alternatively your GP could refer to directly to an ophthalmologist.

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