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    Living with bipolar disorder

    My life experience of living with bipolar disorder…

    I first remember feeling different and planning suicide and attending therapy sessions at 10 years of age. At age 20 I attempted suicide spending 3 days unconscious in intensive care. I then spent time in a psych hospital. In the early 90's I was diagnosed with major depression. Despite feeling better I knew I was quite all right. There were times I felt the diagnosis was not correct. I changed psychiatrists and the new one immediately diagnosed bipolar disorder type 2. I started treatment and quickly felt much better. From then to now I have been quite stable with only a couple of episodes and they were due to life events and once when I went on a drug trial for an antidepressant for people with bipolar. It was returning to the drug I was on before the trial not the trial drug itself but I have decided I will not take part in any more trial drugs.
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