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    I've had Depression on and off for all of my life. What should I do?

    I've had Depression on and off for all of my life. I'm now 43.

    My mother noticed something was wrong with me at about 7 yrs but didn't do anything about it. I knew something was wrong at 22 yrs old but wasn't sure what it was until I saw it on Oprah.I went to the doctors they tried me on different anti-depressants over the years which either made me worse or zombied. I went to a Pschiatrist who tried to tell me after the 4th expensive session that my dad abused me, which is totally wrong. I went on special diets because my health was suffering. Nothing helped. Divorced after 10 years and I tried suicide/cry for help at the age of 30 yrs. No one helped. Not family, not friends (of which I have none now). At 35yrs I couldn't walk due to back problems I had since my child hood.

    I went to a Chiro and they fixed me. My back was fantastic, my depression dissappeared! I felt great. If I get a monthly massage for the rest of my life I'm fine. I haven't had a proper massage for 6 months and now I'm depressed again. Thinking about death. I'm off for a massage
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  • enby101

    HealthShare Member

    great to find a solution laterally- hope it continues!

  • Boots

    HealthShare Member


    Iy works for a couple of days until my back goes out again. Like it is now. I'm sitting at home, my hips and lower back is Pain! I feel bad spending so much money on chiro or massage even though I know it makes me feel better. But I don't have a job right now so I can't afford it.

    Catch 22. need money for chiro so I can feel better.
                    need to feel better to get/keep a job.
                    need a job to get money.


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