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    Suffering from severe anxiety and depression

    I have been diagnosed with anxiety & depression.
    I go in to a deep deep downer & just isolate my self for days on end
    sleep sleep & more sleep.
    I just cant seam to function.
    I hate myself when I become like this.
    I am on medication.
    I have just found this site & really feel like voicing how I feel.
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  • lcbabe

    HealthShare Member

    I have applied for job applications.
    i feel i am not good enough for the jobs.
    Withdrawl my applications at timed.
    Its all to do with my mental illness
    its effect'g my whole life the way my relationship is with family & friends
    i have few friends.
    I knw it is my own doing thou.
    I have some family i dnt see because of my illness.

  • CrochetQueenKerry

    HealthShare Member

    I have anxiety and depression, trapped in a cycle. I am having help (psychiatrist, medication & pschologist counselling) but have made little improvement. But I have it good I know then I feel worse like I'm not appreciating the good life. One moderately truamatic event 2 years ago plus the average amount of challenges and I am ashamed to be not “coping” or not “over it'. I don't know who ”me" is anymore. I have withdrawn from most of my activities, it is often a strain to act normal in a social situation. My (large) family are great but worry about me so I don't let on quite how bad I feel. It's on a need to know basis especially those who may not understand or be critical. I appreciate being able to say how I feel here. 

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    The stigma of mental illness and depression only makes me feel more isolated.  I too have lost interest in things.  In fact, I believe my depression is the worst it has ever been.  Be grateful though that you have family.  I have absolutely no one to offer emotional support to me. 

  • CrochetQueenKerry

    HealthShare Member

    online support can be good. just to know “I'm not the only one.” we can share your pain even though we have our own. everyone has a heavy load to bear, like in a backpack. I can't take somone's whole backpack cause I have my own, but if one or two people each take a little bit then hopefully that big burden is lessened. you are among friends. also online counselling, there are good and kind health professionals here, generous with their time. I also struggle with the stigma, it's a strain to to keep super-vigilant about how much you tell and to whom. good luck, be kind to yourself. 

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    I also suffer from depression.  Once in a while I have a good few hours, but my mind always goes back to the depression.  I am convinced  now that it is my baseline.  I take medications and have taken medications for the last 15 years.  I am convinced at this point that my depression will never go away.  I have entered many self help programs and counselling.  This year has been the worst I have felt by far.  My fear is that the depression will continue to worsen as I get older.  I had plans to kill myself if this continued, but my brother was killed in June, and I feel like that has left me with no option but to stay alive.  I would not want to hurt my family any more than they have been by this tragedy.  Needless to say, the process of losing my brother has only exacerbated my depression and anxiety.  I firmly believe that there is no hope for some of us in regard to depression.  I fear that some of us will have to continue to battle it for the rest of our lives.  Despair, fear, and hopelessness have become the norm for me.  I beg God every night to take away this affliction, but it has yet to leave me.  At this point, I can only pray. 

  • CrochetQueenKerry

    HealthShare Member  I am attending a new support group in my area. It is hard and harrowing but will be very much worth it I think. Everyone is different but there are bits of me all around the room I can identify with. I see awfully sad stories here too and all I can do is “say a little prayer” for you

  • Renee Mill

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Empowering people is my passion and life work. I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for over thirty years. I have … View Profile


    Clearly you are suffering and going through an awful time. However, there are solutions available. The key is to find the best health care professionals and the most effective treatment for you.

    My advice is to get more than one opinion about your diagnosis. Seek out the best psychiatrist you can to do this, some-one who deals with people your age and who has the best reputation. The reason I say this is that, because you have a variety of symptoms, there can be overlap and mis-diagnosis.

    Once you have a correct diagnosis, find a caring, professional and expert psychologist to be your support as well as to teach you effective, evidence based strategies. With a team of excellent health care professionals, you should start to get better.

    Your team will also be able to give you a realistic time line. Unfortunately, with mental health issues, there is no quick fix. That is why having an excellent team to support you through the long haul is so essential. 



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