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    Where can I get help for my severe depression?

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    I have severe depression, I gave up my meds months ago (effexor) as I felt they were useless when I was feeling down. I also think it's crap to be on medication without any sort of ongoing treatment.

    GP's are fine if you have a cold and therapists good if you want to lose weight or give up smoking.
    (I have been to lots of both purely to my amusement it seems not theirs)
    I have tried to see several psychiatrists but they are booked out way ahead and refer you back to a GP.

    A day doesn't go by without thoughts of suicide, the degree of the thoughts are all that changes. I tried to talk to my bf but she just laughed me off as being silly. I keep my thoughts to myself now. All I know is I am very weary mentally and emotionally.

    I guess I need help somewhere?
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    I am sorry to read that you are so “weary” and I think that you do need help.

    I suggest that you check out the beyondblue Web site (;  it is searchable for GPs in your area who have documented experience and training in working with clients who have mental health issues. 

    ADs (like Effexor, which I am on) often work best when combined with a talk-therapy modality (eg, CBT, though there are others).

    This is where a GP with experience in mental health issues should be able to help. S/he will be able to use his/her clinical experience to prescribe an AD which suits your needs.

    Also (and equally important) s/he will be able to give you a referral to a clinical psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan - that will give you 6 Medicare-rebated appointments with a psychologist (possibly more if both the GP and psychologist that that is indicated).

    All the best.

  • Arthur Marx

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist

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    It's great that you are seeking answers, that's always a positive direction. Perhaps you might need to find another approach- hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. There are various methods available within these areas, and you never know if you might just meet the therapist that will be able to help you get past your challenges.You can only find answers if you keep looking right?

    In the mean time it's always good to take care of yourself in the basic ways: drink water, go walking,  enjoyable workouts or sports, eat healthy food, don't spend too much time thinking to yourself and if possible, spend time with people who do these things above also.

    Sydney Results Clinic. 

  • Robyn Rowe

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

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    It's never a good idea to go off antidepressant medication unless in conjunction with your doctor. And then you go off it very slowly. It may be that Efexor was not the correct medication for you or that the dosage was not high enough. Sometimes people have to try a couple of medications before they hit on the right one. You might get a referral to a psychiatrist as they are the medical specialists within mental health and are generally good at prescribing the correct medication for the correct disorder.
    This raises the question regarding your diagnosis. If you are not diagnosed correctly then you will not be given the appropriate medication. If you have been struggling for some time it is probably best to get an assessment by a psychiatrist. If this is not possible within a reasonable time frame then a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychologists have the highest level of training within mental health and are the best choice for the more severe disorders. If you have had depression for some time then it is going to be harder to shift, and  you need to see some one who specialises in depression and knows what they are doing. You are right in that medication is not sufficient on its own. This is the reason that the Federal government introduced Medicare rebates for psychologists in 2006. This decision was based on research that psychological treatment is very effective in the treatment of depression and adds significantly to antidepressant treatment. The government's pilot program prior to introducing Medicare strongly supported this proposition.
    So summarising, I would suggest to you that you get an accurate diagnosis, and therefore the appropriate medication, and a good clinical psychologist to assist you.

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