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    Can people recover from vertigo when they dont know what caused it?

    I have had several episodes of vertigo over the past 14 months and each time have been told a different reason for it, and no real treatment given. Will it go away or will it keep happening if the Dr's dont treat it?
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    Unfortunately whether you recover depends on what is causing it!  Some of the causes of vertigo are easily treated, especially benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  Often though there is no specific cause, and this is the type of vertigo I see the most.

    In my experience, cases such as this are due to a processing problem in the brain, also known as a physiological or functional brain problem.  These are not usually caused by tumours or strokes, and will not show up on conventional testing.  By addressing these functional issues you can often resolve the vertigo.

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