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    Is cranberry juice effective in treating urinary tract infections?

    I have a urinary tract infection and was wondering if it's enough to drink cranberry juice as a means of “flushing” the infection out of my system.. I also saw cranberry extract tablets at the chemist. Advice?
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    Jan Dannevig

    HealthShare Member

    I had a UTI in December, I drank Cranberry juice, I think this is better than tablets, I also mixed up bi-carbonate about 1 teaspoon in a glass of water once or twice a day for a few days. also finally got some Ural powder which is only bi-carbonate,1 part to 1/2 of tartaric acid and citric acid. You may have this in the cupboard so can make your own. I still have one glass of canberry juice every day to protect me from getting it again. It is supposed to make everything so slippery that the bacteria can not hang on and are fluched from the system.

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    Jan Dannevig

    HealthShare Member

    Cranberry juice is supposed to make the urine tract slipery so the germs won't stick and slide out. Delghtful explanation isn't it. Also try 1/2 teaspoon of bi carbonate in 250 ml water every day and the best probotic you can find, I also took enzymes, Fixed it in a week and it hasn't come back.

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