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    How do I make my leg muscles bigger?

    I have always been a very tall and lanky male (24 years old) and would like to start off by increasing the muscle mass on my legs as they look like chicken legs. How do I do this? I already eat a lot
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  • Eric Rosario

    Exercise Physiologist

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    Increasing Leg Muscles
    If you are a tall and lanky 24 year old and wish to improve your leg muscles, you cannot do better than doing squats. I am presuming that by leg muscles you mean the complete lower limbs from hip to heel. Eating a lot is not the answer, you must create the need for the food.
    Initiate the program by warming up with about two sets of ten squats with lighter weight  and then do three sets of 8 to 12 reps with as much weight as you can handle for that many reps. This should be done three times a week. Some sort of leg curls should also be done for a similar number of sets and reps.
    Three to five sets of calf raises would take care of the calves.
    After you have done this for a few weeks, if you wish to grow all over, after the warm up sets, substitute 3 X 15 to 20 reps for the 3 x 10. For the first five reps take one breath between reps then as you begin to need more oxygen take two to five breaths between reps as the need arises.
    Don't ignore the rest of your body but concentrate on the legs. After two or three months go back to a general work out.
    Depending on your experience you may need to get help from someone with experience. Also make sure that you have spotters when performing the squats.

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