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    What do I do when I feel like giving up?

    I'm so sad and down. I don't like myself at all. I'm exhausted from feeling anxious all the time and worrying when the next panic attack is going to happen.

    I live in fear waiting for the next one to happen. I have been on medication for over 9 years and feel like I can't take anymore.

    When I'm having a panic attack I think about suicide and hurting myself.
    I have tried CBT, deep breathing and focusing on something else.
    I don't know how much longer I can fight.
    I've been fighting since I was 8, I'm now 34.
    I own my own business and have for 5 years, I work alot and have decided to sell because of my illness.
    I'm under the care of a psychiatrist and have two hospital stays in the last 4 months.
    Help me to live please.
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    In short DONT! Acknowledge that times will be difficult for a while but that anxiety and particularly panic attacks are extremely common and can be very scary. It is easy and common to become highly emotional during a panic attack however, a panic attack cannot hurt you physically, it is purely the body's protective fight or flight response kicking in. 

    There are excellent resources for anxiety on the internet and many practitioners who are willing to help you. Do not give up. I understand this seems like the easiest option but there are also methods with which to work through anxiety. 

  • hope77

    HealthShare Member

    what ever you do, dont give up!! I know how you feel, i have had  anxiety disorder and depression since i was 16 and have had panic attacks for two years now, and have had one hospital stay, it is painful and very frustrating but with medication and alot of support you can get better. As you have probably realized you have set backs times were it gets worse, that is when you need to reach out the most. if you have been on the same medication for 9yrs your body might have developed a tolerance to it and might have to ask your doctor to maybe consider trying something else if you feel its not helping you. i am no professional, just giving my opinion, but dont give up! Big hug from me to you, hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Dianne Zebic

    Counsellor, Psychotherapist

    Dianne Zebic has retired as of 31/01/2015 View Profile

    I fee don't give up, I suffered from anxiety when I had my back injury in 2001, and it took me some time to recover.

    I would recommend firstly talking to your psychiatrist about your medications, to check and see if perhaps your medications may need to be adjusted and ask your specialist what the side effects are from the tablets your on at the moment.

    Sometimes if the medications are changed improvement is seen, but your psychiatrist would be best person to advise you on this.

    Other treatment I would suggest is for you to see a clinical psychologist if your psychiatrist approves this, as many clinical psychologists specialise in treating anxiety disorders. Some clinical psychologists are also qualified hypnotherapists, and from my experience in the past with anxiety hypnosis helped me. 

    However I would suggest you talk to your psychiatrist and ask him if hypnosis may help you along with maybe adjusting your medications.

    If you have been working long hours in your business it sounds that your stress levels must be high and usually high stress levels can cause anxiety. So some stress management could also help to lower anxiety but the issues that are causing your anxiety need to be resolved.

    If you want give me a call and I have a professional clinical psychologist who is a hypnotherapist that I can recommend that could possibly help you. But just check with your specialist firstly about your medications and if it is ok with them  for you to see a clinical psychologist.

    Hope you will feel better soon and hope the above information may assist you

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