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    What type of exercise should I engage in if I have type 2 diabetes?

    I am obese and have type 2 diabetes. Is it enough if I walk around the neighborhood for 10-20 minutes a day? What is the recommended exercise?
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  • Anna-Louise Moule

    Exercise Physiologist

    I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in the management of chronic conditions through exercise and lifestyle management. I completed my undergraduate studies in Exercise … View Profile

    Exercise in any form elicits a blood glucose lowering effect after each session that lasts for 24-48hrs so it is important to look at doing some form of exercise everyday to improve blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity. In terms of the type of exercise there is a lot of evidence to suggest that regular resistance training in combination with aerobic training help improve blood glucose levels and weight management. It is best to seek the advice of an Exercise Physiologist who have an understanding of how certain types of exercise and doses can improve diabetes management. They would be able to look at what exercises would beat suit your current fitness levels and goals for your health and fitness

  • Lisa Renn


    Lisa is an APD with 12 years experience, specialising in helping people identify and change habits that impact negatively on their health. Inspiring change, Lisa … View Profile

    Hi there,
    Just to add to Anna-Louise's great advice.
    Any exercise will benefit your diabetes control, your health and your weight.
    The best exercise is the one that you enjoy, that you can afford and that you will be able to do on a regular basis.
    Often we get caught up in what is ideal exercise and that can actually prevent us doing anything at all.
    Walking around the block is a great way to start ,then as your confidence and fitness builds you may like to seek out some expert advice on how to improve further.
    Good Luck!

  • Merendi Leverett

    Exercise Physiologist

    Merendi Leverett is our founder of Merendi Health.Graduating from Central Queensland University in June 1998 with a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, and from Queensland … View Profile

    Current research shows that two different types of high intensity exercise is what Type II Diabetics should be participating in. One is resistance Exercise which overloads the muscles and depletes the muscles of their glucose and the second is high or interval training with cardiovascular exercise. Again this depletes the muscles of glucose, because of the increasing heart rate. An example of this would be someone walking on flat ground and then changing to walk up a hill. This would increase the heart rate, because it takes a lot more energy and cardiovascular fitness to walk up a hill, versus walking on flat ground.

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