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    How do I know if I am overtraining myself?

    What are the signs and symptoms of overtraining?
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    Overtraining occurs when an athlete is not including recovery strategies between bouts of exercise thus not allowing the body to efficiently adapt to the physiological demands placed on it.  Overtraining symptoms can appear if repeated bouts of training over a period of time without adequate   recovery has  been undertaken by an athlete or the if volume/intensity of training has been overloaded too suddenly . It also must be stressed that overtraining and its symptoms can also occur if an athlete is not incuding adequate nutritional strategies in their recovery thus following up subsequent sessions undernourished or dehydrated placing more stress on the bodies systems.  The symptoms of over-training are varied but include the following: an increase in illness or infections, an unexplained decrease in performance, achy muscles that lasts longer than 24 hours, a loss in body weight, loss of appetite, a chage in mood or a feeling of staleness and not wanting to train, chronic fatigue etc.  Athletes often monitor how they are feeling via their training diaries thus keeping a record of how they are feeling from one training session to the next.  They also take their resting heart rate immediately on waking  in the morning to determine whether there has been noticeable increases in heart rate so that training can be adapted if recovery has been compromised. 

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