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    Is it better to use a treadmill or elliptical for cardio workout?

    Which is better? I always feel that the treadmill makes me work harder, but I have heard that elliptical machines are better for you because they have less impact.
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    Anonymous User

    HealthShare Member

    Correct on both counts!

    When you run, your entire body leaves the ground, so when you impact the ground, there is an increase in impact above that of walking and on the elliptical/cross trainer. This is generally not an issue if you have healthy feet, ankles, knees, hips and back, and will allow you to work hard.

    The motion of the cross trainer stops you from leaving the ground, substantially reducing the impact on your body with each step.

    It is possible to work just as hard on the cross trainer by 1) turning the resistance up so you have to push harder or 2) increasing your RPM's by stepping faster. Likewise on the treadmill you can 1) turn up the speed or 2) increase the incline so you are going up a hill.

    Try both machines for variety.

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