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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What is emotional abuse?

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  • Pamela Hoy

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

    Offering both Hypnotherapy and Counselling for my clients is a double opportunity to change unwanted feelings, thoughts, behaviours and reactions. Accessing both the conscious and … View Profile

    Emotional abuse may take several forms, in a personal relationship it could be     * Verbal, where a person is constantly belittled privately and/or in public.  Being told they are not good enough, they should be grateful that the abuser puts up with them because nobody else would.  That they are stupid or ugly, they are not worthwhile etc. what ever degrading verbal messages are said.   *Being seperated from family and/or friends so the person becomes totally dependent on the abuser.        *Threatening harm to them or someone they love if they do not comply.   * Financially controlling all money.   * Sexual demands with consequence if they do not participate.  The person often feels trapped and  too frightened to defend themselves by gaining help, or to leave. However there is help from many different sources, such as counselling. If the abuser is not willing to attend, the person being abused can explore their options and also learn some coping strategies.  To gain legal advice may be helpful, and this could be sought through legal aid if money is unavailable or with a private solicitor.  To reach out to family, or friends, your religious leader or self help groups.

    In the work environment, emotional abuse may be * Demanding more time and/or better results from a person than from others.     * Making unwelcomed advances.    *Threatening dismissal or some other form of discompensation if they do not comply with demands.   *Not being offered  the same opportunities as other team members when all credentials are equal.  Emotional abuse occurs when the level of equality is not present.   The person being emotionally abused may feel it is not possible to prove any abuse and/or that they need the job, therefore putting up with it.  It may be helpful to document any experiences of this type of abuse.  You may choose to take action  available to you.

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