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    Is it ever too late to be circumcised?

    I am a 15 year old male and I was never circumcised as a child. Taking into consideration the health benefits and the fact that most males here are circumcised, I was wondering if it is too late to undergo the process. How painful will it be?
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    Prof Brian Morris

    HealthShare Member

    It is never too late to circumcise a male, although infancy is the ideal time.
    See free article that discusses the reasons:

    Prof. Brian Morris
    School of Medical Sciences
    University of Sydney

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    Serene Johnson

    Registered Nurse

    There is no reason to become circumcised for prophylaxis.

    Circumcision will not make you immune to penile cancer, genital odour or STI's. If you are circumcised, you still need to bathe and use condoms to prevent STI's and odour.

    However, circumcision WILL remove more than 20 000 fine-touch receptors from your penis. Circumcision increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 4.5 times. Is it really worth it? 

    Keep your manhood.

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