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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What causes chronic fatigue syndrome?

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  • Nathan Butler

    Exercise Physiologist

    Nathan Butler is an exercise physiologist and founder of the multi-disciplinary Active Health Clinic whom specialise in chronic health especially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, orthostatic intolerance … View Profile

    There are multiple theories to the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome although none are confirmed. It could be around infection, immune autonomic dysfunction, diet, long-term stressors or cellular.

    There are three disposing factors -the predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating factors of chronic fatigue.
    The predisposing factors could be overwork, anxiety, diet, perfectionism, genetic, blood pressure disorder.
    The precipitating factors tend to be the triggers, which are often an infection or immune autonomic dysfunction.
    And finally the perpetuating factors include the predisposing, conditioning, stress and anxiety or improper medical care.

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    Lucinda Curran


    Lucinda Curran of Eco Health Solutions offers a truly holistic approach to health by combining Building Biology and Chinese Medicine. Her work is solutions-focussed and … View Profile


    To add to Nathan's answer, another contributor is allergies or sensitivities.

    If someone has reactions to something that are mild, they may not notice the connection with the cause. That said, mild reactions all day every day can be incredibly exhausting.

    Reactions can be to air fresheners, perfumes/aftershaves, personal care products, and any other substances that are present within the indoor air.

    While these may not CAUSE CFS, they can certainly exacerbate it.

    All the best,


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