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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I provide support to someone who stutters?

    My husband has stuttered since childhood and it has affected his overall confidence and self-esteem. How can I help him?
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  • Gail Rogers

    Speech Pathologist

    Gail's passionate interest in working in the area of voice, communication & swallowing challenges developed after working as Speech and Language Pathologist with many different clientele in various … View Profile

    There are many support groups in Australian whom can assist you eg. SpeakEasy and in Cairns we have the Cairns Fluency Group

  • Rachel Tosh

    Speech Pathologist

    Rachel is a speech pathologist specialising in speech, language, literacy and feeding therapy with more than 10 years of experience. Her aim is to help … View Profile

    One thing that I find is comforting for many people is that they may not have realised that everyone stutters. We all stutter (repeat words, hesitate, cut ourselves off and start again) as we speak and if someone has entirely smooth speech it would seem a bit unnatural and unnerving! So rather than needing to think of himself as a “stutterer” which is somehow not normal he an redefine himself as a normal person who happens to stutter more frequently/severely than some other people. Everyone is different and therefore what would be supportive for one adult with a stutter might be patronising for another so I would suggest the best thing to do would be to talk to your husband about it and ask him what helps (eg does he prefer that you wait for him to finish a sentence or help him out with the word he is stuck on etc). 

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