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    What are the signs of bipolar disorder?

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    Dr Clive Jones

    Counselling Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sport Psychologist

    Dr Clive Jones is a registered psychologist specialising in the assessment and treatment of mental health issues and disorders and High Performance Sport psychology. He … View Profile

    Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depression. So in that context, it can be seen as a juxtaposition or a contrast between shifting states of mania to states of depression. Sometimes a person can have an unusual mix of the two at once, so it doesn't necessarily always have to be one or the other. In the mania there's a sense of hyperactivity. There can be dreams of grandeur, a sense of invincibility, aggressive outbursts, intolerance to other people, and a range of other things. Then on the other side of the coin is the depression. Often incorporating a sense of hopelessness, a lack of motivation and pointlessness to tasks and daily activities.

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