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    I'm depressed and I'm slowly getting worse. What can I do?

    My families tried to help and have tried to get me to see a councilor but I'm to much of a coward to do it, I'm slowly finding less and less motivation to function day to day. I want help but find myself paralysed in fear of actually asking for it. Up till now I've learned to function in life but since my mum confronted me about things I've found I can't ignore how unhappy I'm any more, I feel alone and lonely. I know my mum and dad are there for me (they've said it again and again) but I just can't admit how utterly pointless I find life. I try to find hobbies to keep me occupied but find it difficult to maintain any sort of enthusiasm for anything. Trouble is since Christmas whenever I have a couple of drinks I find myself focusing on how miserable I'm so the few occasions I drink it becomes a race to get the first few down quickly and skip the miserable parts and be happy. I almost want to be an alcoholic cause at least then I'd happy.
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    Michelle is an experienced Psychologist who provides individual therapy for children, teenagers and adults at Associated Psychology Practice Penrith. She is a registered medicare and … View Profile

    It sounds like you would really benefit from speaking to your Gp about treatment options for your depression including seeing a Psychologist in your local area. However, if talking to your Gp or seeing a Psychologist face to face is too daunting, you could start by reading information on the BeyondBlue website about healthy mood management and the potential risks of self medicating with alcohol. There are also a number of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programs available online including moodgym which may help you to identify and overcome some of the negative thinking patterns which can trigger low mood. Best wishes, Michelle Grosvenor 

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    I have been working in Eltham, Melbourne as a relationship and family counsellor for over twelve years. I draw on current theory and research about … View Profile

    I agree with Michelle's comments above. Your lack of motivation and sense of hopelessness are themselves symptoms of depression, and it is really hard to overcome these in order to seek out the treatment that may help reduce these symptoms - this could become a vicious cycle. In addition to Michelle's excellent suggestions, you may wish to make use of online of telephone counselling services. If you are 25 or under, E-Headspace is an excellent service to access this support - Otherwise, services such as Lifeline can be helpful - their phone number is 131114. 

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