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    Is schizophrenia curable?

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    Dr Alan Keen

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Adult, adolescent and child mental health issues View Profile

    These days with the range of medication which is available, schizophrenia is manageable. In the old days schizophrenic individuals would spend a substantial part of their lives in mental institutions. I would say primarily, and on top of medication and medical treatment, the person needs to seek psychotherapy to be able to continue to manage his or her schizophrenic symptoms well.

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    Dr Paul McQueen

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    It is worth mentioning that upwards of 15% of people diagnosed with a first episode of schizophrenia show a full recovery without subsequent episodes. It is not yet clear what factors might predict those who fully recover.

    For those who have subsequent episodes or ongoing symptoms it may be more useful to think about schizophrenia in terms of management than cure, as Dr Keen has mentioned. A focus on learning to manage and cope WITH symptoms - which many can do very successfully (google Dr Frederick Frese for one outstanding example) - may provide more progress and less frustration than focussing on eliminating symptoms.

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    Cruz Malta

    HealthShare Member

    Hello, my name is Damien micallef. I was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2002. Under case management zero episodes, without case management nearly immediate episodes.

    The medications I've been on are resperidone constantly and palliperidone. They both work great.

    Moving to Tasmania after two years in Queensland and 30 years in Melbourne also helped a lot.

    My aging parents didn't understand or cope well when I was psychotic.

    Sadness is that under rule and advice I am quite well, could also be that under rule and duty of life in Melbourne was a contrast to manageable baggage.


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