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    Catestophic news about my mother's eyesight

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    Hi there,

    I'm new to healthshare but I found it whilst searching for any information on Glaucoma, specifically support groups. I'm 26 and my mother has just had the news that she has lost 98% of her eye sight to this disease and that surgery to relieve the pressures in here eyes was now the last option.  She is currently in full time employment with a mortgage and loans etc and is not receiving any physical support or assistance with her deteriorating eyesight. She has been given a 20% chance of awakening from this surgery completely blind. She was diagnosed with glaucoma 16 years ago so the disease itself is nothing new to us but this recent news was a real shock and she is not coping well with the possibilities or the reality that her eye sight is currently as bad as it is. Even if it is a success, it is merely prolonging her complete blindness for a further 5 years. The surgery is likely to be in February but I'm very concerned as to her mental well being and how to best cope with this news. Any suggestions would be great. I'm currently looking into support groups for her in the Toowoomba region.

    Thank you.

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    Richard, so sorry to hear about your mother's loss of vision. When eye drops and LASER fail to treat glaucoma effectively, surgery is the next logical step. Regarding your mother's mental well-being her GP may be a good place to start asking for assistance. this may entail them personally discussing the possibilities and what that means for long-term help or they may refer her to a particular resource or group.The eye specialist may be able to help as it is likely they have had other patients with similar issues.

    There is no particular glaucoma support group in the Toowoomba region but Guide Dogs Queensland or Vision Australia may be able to assist or undertake a low vision assessment?  There is a low vision care clinic at Greenslopes Private Hospital near Brisbane that might be able to help as well- you will find them all using an Internet search.


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