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    My muscles are stiff and sore. How soon should I work out again?

    After my first session on a  personalised program yesterday, my upper body in particular is very stiff and sore.  I did start with only one set of repetitions for each exercise but my upper body is very weak.  I did some cardio today, but should I do some more weights tomorrow even if I am still stiff?  Or should I wait until the stiffness and soreness has subsided?

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  • Jason Tomlinson

    Personal Trainer

    Hi Bren,

    I would say for you it's probably best to give it a day or two and see how you feel before you do weights again, as starting an exercise program of any sort can give some pain at first. You might feel slightly sorer on the 2nd day but over the next few weeks your muscles will become stronger and will have increased endurance which will reduce some of the soreness.

    If your muscles do feel tight try and stretch them daily, which can help reduce the risk of injury!

    If nothing improves after a week or so it might be best to see a physio just to check your posture and to see if an exercise has created a small injury.

    I hope this helps!

  • Brenda Alexander

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks Jason, 

    Gradually improving and getting stronger - it feels good!

  • Natalie Carter

    Personal Trainer

    Natalie Carter, owner of New Outlook Fitness & a PT with over 10 years experience in helping her clients transform their lives. She takes a … View Profile

    Foam rolling will help reduce muscular pain assosicated with post injury soreness/DOMS. Read this article:

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