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    I am 26 yr old who has been struggling with depression. Anyone out there that has ideas how to help me please do?

    I am 26 yr old who has been struggling with depression for 3yrs now things seem to get better than harder again i have a partner who i have been with for seven years and he is struggling with my constant moods especially my very angry moods i used to be a very fun happy strange fun kind of person and i desperatley want her back but im struggling to find that person in me , please help I dont know what to do
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  • beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia.beyondblue is a bipartisan initiative of … View Profile

    That's great advice Lisa.  Sometimes when we keep tiptoing around people they dont get feedback about the impact of their behaviour on others and so have no reason to look at themselves or question themselves - so why would anything ever change.

    In relation to your situation ‘Liveheart’ it sounds like you are still struggling with depression.  You dont mention if you have sought any treatment, but this is very important as while people often hope depression will go away on its own, often it doesnt - especially if it is more moderate or severe and can often get worse.  Have you got a good GP that you can see.  Can I suggest that you go onto the beyondblue website and complete the symptom checklist, and take it along with you to your GP to begin the conversation.  There are good psychological treatments as well as medical treatments for depression, but its important to get help - three years of suffering is way too long for anyone.  Don't let depression take more from your life than it already has. 


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    Nikki Cooper

    HealthShare Member

    I understand exactly where you are at. I used to be a fun happy person too. I have suffered depression and anxiety for three years now following a very minor head injury which left me with post-concussion syndrome. My hubby is awesome, but it is so hard for me to see him dealing with this. I have told him i'll understand if he wants to leave, but he wont. i've been on different meds, some work well, then they dont. It is so frustrating! I constantly have this horrible feeling of dispair. I would have given up already, but I know the impact it would have on my hubby and our two young boys. What meds & therapy have you tried?

  • candice roberts

    HealthShare Member

    hi nikki , i have been on efexor xr, one that sounds like a dinosaur not sure how to spell it ,tamazapan,zyprex worked great for me except for  made me very agressive ,zoloft , larazepam, peractin, imovane ,valium ,Lamotrigine ,lamictal stilnox had allergic reaction to them two which was a shame cause they seemed to be working at the time , then there was dothep ,fluxotine something like that,luvox, lexapro,Mirtazapine, largatical, litium or something that sounds like that  and many more but can't remeber all the names,miratzon made me eat like i had never been feed but works great so my psychiatrist uses this on me when i havent sleept and my mood goes really bad after a couple of days i come really good currently on cmyboltar and epilum used together not at the same time after all the different experiements he tryed finally found two that seem to give me more balance then i have had and with constant therapy to get me where i am today has had a majour impact on me with me being out of hospital for 1yr and 1month almost is amazing for 2years of my illness i had to be hospitalised  so i not fully there yet and i will be glad to get of this roller coaster i may not but i better understand my conditions and know how better to manage not controll but manage my mood so for that i am proud , i forget sometimes when im down and get impatient what this crap to dissappear but i just keep reminding my self of what i have achiveved and where i have been and that makes me feel much better, there used to be times i couldnt go to the supermarket i had to be a zombie to go or i was so bad i couldn't even go  but with me pyscologist helping me do little exercies to help with my anxiety  it made a difference . i have been to hospital that has courses you can do run by the pschologist and nurses trained in mental health and cognetive behaviour therapy i found very useful you would go one day a week and do a course it was very relaxed not like school but there was still organised they would give use a task to focus on each week for example take a moment out of each day and do something that makes you feel good about your self  even if it is for only 2minutes i have work books and things if you would like i could send then to you via computer i would only be able to do bits at a time if your interrested  , you will get there  as everyone says take it a day at a time , take care

  • Morgan Rilley

    HealthShare Member

    Hi liveheart_86

    I am 21 and can relate very much to your situation. I find one of the worst aspects of my depression, which I have struggled with for many years as well, is my mood swings and extreme anger issues. Not only do I feel awefull for myself, but for the way I can treat my partner and my family. On those rare occasions that I am on a medication that works (as it only ever works for a short while before it loses effectiveness) I feel so good; I still have the normal ups and downs that any person does, but I am my loving, fun, kind and funny self again. But the rest of the time I am negative, cynical, bitter and angry, and it's like I've lost all who I am and have become a person I despise. It seems like an impossible job to get the real me back again.

    I have struggled with a particularly bad bout of depression the last 6 months and have fallen the furtherest away from myself than I think I have ever done. I have my future mother in-law, who verbally abuses and emotionally blackmails her son, my partner's brother, who constantly puts me down, and one of my partner's best female friend, who bullies me continually, humiliating and insulting me and tearing me into tiny little pieces whenever she can. I have tried to ignore it, tried making excuses for them, then tried to be assertive and stand up for myself, but nothing worked and this has caused me so much hurt and sadness that I can't bear it. And gradually this has turned into anger, hate and bitterness, and it is such a big part of my life now that it consumes almost every moment of my waking life and has changed my whole outlook on everything. Even when I see my partner, I now associate him with them, which has made our relationship very tedious even though we love each other very much. I now question myself and despise who I am - is this negative, hateful person that I have become the real me? I don't think so, but I don't know how to escape.

    Anyway, the point of all my blabbering is that my latest idea is that I need to get away from these people who have such a negative impact on my life and find my true self again, and get back my self confidence and esteem, and that person I can be proud of. Basically I want to have 2 weeks to myself, maybe volunteering in Thailand with Elephants or similar with I-to-I Volunteering. Hopefully by removing myself from my life for a short while I will be able to explore who I am, and I will come back secure in myself and with a brighter perspective? Who knows. I know it is a very immature idea and I'm looking at it as a ‘quick fix’ and it'll probably never happen in the first place (as my Mum tells me ) ,but who can know?

    Thank you for sharing your story, it is comforting to know that there are other people going through a similar thing. Take care xx

  • candice roberts

    HealthShare Member

    no idea is immature and maybe escaping from the negative surrounds  will be good for you, you have to do whats best for you it may sound selfish but thats they way we need to be sometimes , we need to give us a chance and if that means making it through the day one step closer to getting better thanthats what we need to do, i find i go away to  caravan park that is my escape i go there when i need to clear my head  and remeber to breathe and my partner says to me maybe we should move there cause your always seem so relaxed and happy and your mood becomes balanced . but i think i like it as my escape for now a place where i can find myself when i get lost. i am still finding myself to im want the happy me back im working on it ive been told that to work on a new me , because life has changed i have changed and grown , so maybe aim for a new you healthy version  because i feel that we have been given this crappy illness but it has given us a new way to tackle life and  we have changed  i dont think we can go back but go forward stronger and better , i love my mum very much sometimes she doesnt say helpful things and it hurts but i am learning slowy its hard to block out what she says being your mum  you follow what they say  and what other people say, no body truley understands us except people who have experienced what we have and  i try to think what my couseller would say to me about what mum would say , im learning to question them in my head now so they dont have as much power and cant hurt me with there words with out knowing.

    i hope this makes sense so about blabbering on lol  i wish you all the best with your journey  take care xx


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