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    What causes hypertension?

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    Dr Alistair Begg

    Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

    Dr Alistair Begg is a Cardiologist with 15 years experience in private practice.He is actively involved in Cardiac Rehabilitation and patient education including a number … View Profile

    Over 90% of causes of hypertension are classified as essential, or idiopathic hypertension. This means that there is no identified underlying treatable factor as a cause for the hypertension.As you get older the chances of developing high blood pressure increase. A family history of high blood pressure and an unhealthy lifestyle are major factors contributing to high blood pressure. Certain medications can cause high blood pressure, in particular corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.In 5% – 10% of patients, there are readily identifiable causes of hypertension. This would include narrowing of the arteries that supply the kidneys or renal artery stenosis that can be detected by either ultrasound or CT scanning and can be treated with balloon dilatation or managed with medication.Other causes of hypertension that are rare, but nonetheless need to be ruled out in those patients with severe hypertension, include Cushing’s disease. This can be diagnosed either by blood tests or 24 hour collection of urine and can be treated either with medication,or sometimes with surgery.There are other rarer endocrine or glandular causes of high blood pressure, some of which can be treated with specific medications.

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    Erin Miller

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist Erin Miller is passionate about health and wellbeing. The Nutrition Network is her home and she opens her doors to assist … View Profile

    I would also be looking at your lifestyle if there is no other underlying cause for your hypertension as Dr Begg mentioned above.

    Following a healthy balanced diet and incorporating moderate exercise can assist to prevent and reduce symptoms caused by hypertension.

    A diet low in saturated fats, low salt, reduced alcohol and adeqaute omega-3 fatty acids have shown to assist if hypertension.

    If you are overweight, you would benefit from losing weight to achieve an ideal weight range- which will also help to prevent the development of other lifestyle diseases.

    If you require assistance with your lifestyle and diet, i would reccomend you seek out a local Accredited Practising Dietitian who will help guide you through this process.

    All the best on your health adventure.

    Erin Miller

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