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    Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

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    Diabetes Australia is the national peak body for diabetes in Australia providing a single, powerful, collective voice for people living with diabetes, their families and … View Profile

    It is estimated that up to 60% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. People at risk of type 2 diabetes can delay and even prevent this disease by following a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Regular physical activity
    • Making healthy food choices
    • Managing blood pressure
    • Managing cholesterol levels
    • Not smoking.

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    Eric Rosario

    Exercise Physiologist

    Master of Applied Science by Research into the Effects of Strength Training on Postmenopausal women. I have been involved in strength training for 67 years … View Profile

                                              Preventing Diabetes                        Eric Rosario
    Introduction                                                         03 9435 8479
    As our society becomes more affluent and the population becomes more obese medical problems like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease become more prevalent. In this answer I will concentrate on Type 11 Diabetes though some outcomes of the protocols suggested will also assist with other diseases arising from central obesity.
    In studies comparing the effects of Metformin with life style it was shown that Metformin reduced blood sugar levels 31%, a very good result, but lifestyle involving diet, exercise and meditation resulted in a 58% reduction (New England Journal of Medicine Feb 7, 2002)..
     It is often suggested that being overweight is responsible for diabetes but it is not weight but fat and what is more it is the location of fat, whether it is subcutaneous or visceral (Govindan and Ripoll-Bunn).. As the body gains muscle the metabolic rate is increased, the calories burned at rest increases and body fat is reduced. Because muscle weighs more than fat even though the level of fat is reduced a person’s weight may increase, if their muscle mass increases.
    . When a person suffers from Type 2 diabetes the body loses sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that   .regulates the blood glucose levels, but an increase in muscle mass increases insulin sensitivity..
    To reiterate, to fight  Type 11 diabetes one must:

    1. reduce fat especially central obesity (paunch).
    2. increase muscle mass
    3. live an active life
    Omental Fat
    Fat is stored in the body as a source of energy and like real estate the important thing about fat is location. Subcutaneous fat, located under the skin, is not as dangerous as visceral fat.   Premenopausal women tend to store fat on the thighs and buttocks because in that location it is most helpful during pregnancy and lactation (Sullivan et al). The fat most likely to result in chronic disease is around the Omentum.  Essentially the bigger the omentum, the more you are at risk of developing a variety of chronic illnesses. The Omentum also stores Cortisol which is known as the stress hormone and high stress can increase Omental fat. It has been suggested that because this omental fat is so close to the vital organs, it is their quickest source of energy (RealAge). In addition, the fat released from the omentum rapidly and constantly travels to the liver, and can result in high LDL cholesterol. To reduce this fat it is not enough to diet and exercise but also to reduce stress through a variety of therapies, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes. Omental fat is not easily reduced by sit ups other exercises and even diet, but some Yoga Practices like Uddiyana Bandha can be especially useful in reducing fat in this area.
    Increasing Muscle Mass Multi-joint weight training movements tend to get optimum results in increasing muscle mass. Most multi-joint exercises are particularly useful in increasing muscle mass but one must learn to perform them correctly before handling heavy weights. Of course if there is need for a big change in body composition, both fat reduction and increased muscle mass, diet will be a necessary part of the program.
    In a time poor society like ours some people may find it difficult to go to a gym or even set aside the time required to go through a complete workout but this is not a major problem. A person can spread the exercises through the day involving a few minutes at a time. For example a person who works from home can do exercises in between their daily duties. A person who performs household duties can stretch while making the beds and follow this with a few push ups according to their ability (push ups or dips against a table or bed,), When they get to the kitchen they could hold on to the sink and do squats. If they are wont to watch the afternoon soapies they can lie on the floor facing the TV and perform several sets of abdominal exercises. This type of a program calls for discipline and planning, but once you get into a routine it is not difficult. Obtaining a pair of adjustable dumbell can add a completely new dimension to the program. Some work must be done for the feet and calves because this is the Achilles heel of the diabetic.
    It is usually said that it is not possible to spot reduce fat, but the use of some yogic practices and the lowering of stress and hence cortisol can spot reduce visceral fat.( ScienceDaily (Nov. 23, 2000)
    Progressive Resistance Exercise is the name of the game as Mark Twain put it “ If you always do what you’ve always done, You will always be what you’ve always been.
    Contact me for more details.
    • A study, led by Naji Abumrad, M.D., professor and chair of General Surgery, combines the removal of the omentum with gastric bypass surgery.
    • When It Comes to Body Fat, It’s All About Location By RealAge
    • V.Krishnaraj      Uddiyana and fat.
    • Diabetic Foot Amputation: The Need for an Objective Assessment Tool
    • ScienceDaily (Nov. 23, 2000) — Non-overweight women who are vulnerable to the effects of stress are more likely to have excess abdominal fat, and have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a study conducted at Yale suggests.   
    • M J Toth, A Tchernof, C K Sites and E T Poehlman Effect of menopausal status on body composition and abdominal fat distribution

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    Arlene is a registered practising dietitian, with a private practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and has built a strong business over the last … View Profile

    Type 2 diabetes can be prevented through diet and exercise. When researchers tried to test the theory that physical activity and diet programs could prevent and/or control type 2 diabetes, they found that studies presented “strong evidence of effectiveness” of diet and exercise to prevent type 2 diabetes,and that the regimen was superior to the usual care given to people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Specifically, the recommendations were that people receive:

    • at least three months of working directly with qualified trainers
    • dedicated counseling, coaching and support
    • sessions on how to change diet and increase physical activity
    • sessions delivered in person or via email or online, or all of these

    If you have type 2 diabetes or suspect you may be prediabetic, ask your doctor or nutritionist about an exercise and diet regimen based on these recommendations.

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