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    Is rheumatoid arthritis preventable?

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    Suzanne Edwards

    HealthShare Member

    You are what you eat …..In Maharishi Ayurveda, the oldest and most complete system of healthcare(WHO) Rheumatoid Arthritis is a digestive imbalance!
    Vata imbalance results in Ama formation (unmetabolised , undigested toxins)the excess Vata and ama disseminate thru the micro and macro channels of the body and  localise in the joints and associated tissues. Pitta attempts to digest the toxins and ama leading to chronic or recurrent inflammation.
    Treatment requires a multimodality approach like Maharishi Ayurveda including 3-4 weeks of initial diet and daily routine adjustments, strengthening of the digestion to prevent ama production and removal of ama from the joints and tissues, with herbal treatment and oil therapy (often followed by in residence specialised Panchakarma therapy to dissolve and metabolise deep ama from the joints )

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    Dr Irwin Lim


    Irwin completed his Rheumatology training in 2003. The majority of his time is spent treating inflammatory arthritis and in particular rheumatoid arthritis and the spondyloarthritis. … View Profile

    There is no medical literature that I am aware of that shows that Rheumatoid Arthritis can be prevented by correcting “digestive imbalance” or ayurveda.

    It is of course important to be healthy, to be mindful of nutrition, to exercise and to work on life balance.

    And these measures can help one cope with living with a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. However, they are not shown to prevent the disease.

    There is evidence that avoiding SMOKING will help. Smoking can cause certain changes in the composition of proteins in the body that seem to be involved in rheumatoid arthritis development.

    I advice my patients to ensure their children do not smoke (for a whole host of reasons).

    Smoking also exacerbates the rheumatoid and leads to reduced benefit from medication.

    An area of interest is the link between periodontitis and autoimmune disease, including rheumatoid arthritis, and it would make sense to have as good dentitian as possible.

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    Philip Robinson MBChB PhD FRACP is a rheumatologist currently working at Brisbane Rheumatology at St Andrew's War memorial Hospital in Spring Hill. He also works … View Profile

    At this current time for patients RA is not preventable. We don’t have a fool proof way to identify healthy people who will develop RA in the future – if we were able to do that then we could work to prevent it. There is certainly a lot of research being conducted on early treatments in RA, like that of Professor Ranjeny Thomas at the University of Queensland.

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