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    How to deal with the loss of a child?

    About a year ago i gave birth to a still born daughter. I’m still having difficulty coming to terms with the loss of my child who i didnt even meet, how do people ever recover from such grief?
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    I have a speciality in grief and trauma, illness and disability. I have training in psychological debriefing after trauma and in supporting parents and carers. View Profile

    The loss of a child is an overwhelming sorrow and you will carry pain over a lifetime. The sorrow will lessen in time but after a year the memory is clearly very painful for you. You may find that there are also secondary losses and stresses as a result of her loss.

    It may be a little reassurance to you to know that most people after loss find resourses and inner strength and some people find that they are more compassionate and aware of loss in other people. This does not stop the painful feelings but they sit sit by side the grief.

    If the pain is very raw you might think about seeing a specialist grief psychologist but it would be very normal for you to still find life very hard. Thinking of you

    Dr Annie Cantwell-Bartl Kensington Victoria.

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