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    I can’t seem to manage my anger, please I need help?

    I cant seem to manager my anger and often take it out on the ones i love both physically and emotionally, please i need help to stop this viscous cycle.
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    Hi, anger can be a bugger - I've seen it stuff up many people's lives so it is great you want to get it sorted. The first thing to recognise is this . . .

    “if nothing changes, nothing changes”

    That is, if you don't make any changes to your thinking, feelings and behaviour then those patterns of anger will continue and you will keep hurting those close to you. You need a plan and a strategy to understand and defeat these negative patterns. How do you do that? Melanie's suggestions above are good place to start but in my experience you need someone to help you go the distance so I'd suggest you engage a counsellor or find a group that helps people get their anger sorted. There are terrific advantages in being in a group -
    - you see you are not the only person struggling
    - it meets regularly so keeps you focussed
    - generally less expensive than 1 to 1 counselling (and I think more effective)
    - group members are able to encourage, support and advise each other
    - if later on you relapse (often happens) you can go back to the group and get back in the zone again), and
    - they can be fun

    Contact your local community/mental health and counselling agencies and see what is on offer near you. If there are no groups find a counsellor who specialises in anger and get to work kicking your anger into touch.

    Good luck, and don't forget to breathe,


    PS If you are in Sydney drop me a line and I can help you get your anger sorted.

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