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    Food swap ideas to manage your weight.....

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    Swap butter or mayo for thinly spread avocado . . .(sure avo may have fat in it but it's healthy fat and tastes delicious)Swap a glass of fruit juice for a piece of fresh fruit and water (it will keep you fuller)Swap a large coffee for a small one (better yet, swap full cream for low fat milk)Swap salad dressings for balsamic vinegar, it's oil free and gives the same powerful flavor kick but for a lot less caloriesSwap mayo on sandwiches for mustards, like wholegrain mustard.Swap fried eggs for boiled or poached eggsSwap white bread for wholegrain bread as it is lower in GI and keeps you feeling fuller for longerSwap biscuits for dried fruit- still gives you the sugar hit you need but with natural sugar and more nutrients.Swap full fat cheese for low fat cheese (you may not even taste the difference!)Swap full fat yoghurt for reduced fat/ low fat yoghurt (be sure to check the sugar levels on the nutritional panel as often reduced fat is made up with excess sugar in yoghurts!)Swap chips for homemade popcorn (you will still get the salty snack you need with a lot less calories)
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