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    Yummy home made ice-cream

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    Avoid all the preservatives added to ice-creams bought in the super-market and make your own. It is quick an easy. All you need is an ice-cream maker and the following ingredients to make about a 2 litres of vanilla ice cream that is preservative free:

    2 cups of heavy cream

    2 cups of whole cow's milk

    4 egg yokes, slightly beaten

    1 cups sugar

    3/4 of a tablespoons of vanilla (the best you can get, NOT imitation)

    Put all ingredients into a bowl and combine. Put mixture into an ice

    cream maker and follow the instructions for your machine. Put finished

    ice cream into an air tight container and store in the freezer. You can

    add other things when serving, such as chocolate syrup, fruit, caramel, etc.
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