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    Why do you drink alcohol? and does it realy help you?

    i've asked this question because i drink to combat being lonely in the main.  to question my understanding, it takes my mind away from my problems in life. in other words i end up creating my own company.  i know it is a problem. it is an escape of sorts. i know it is a form of madness i know. but then in society today there is no way you can meet people. here yes in this site yes i guess you can.  but to meet people in general no you are not allowd to talk to people. it is a reason why i am seriously beginning to hate my country.  to walk down the street and say good morning or gidday to someone not everyone but the responce is sometimes a responce of sh1t he is propositioning me. and so i drink to create my own friends in my own head. i am not a social drinker.  i get into trouble typically in that environment. anyway as it is i hate  me i hate my life. i like others better than me. where does a man find a soul mate. dunno what ever to hell with it all . over and out.
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    • Nicky @team healthshare
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  • Nicky @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Mark - thanks for posting your thoughts. As Healthshare grows you will find more and more people in each community  to connect and share life's journey with. Wishing you well. Please keep us posted.


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