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    What is the best method to kick the smoking habit?

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    Today is World No Tobacco Day, a perfect opportunity to think about quitting. But what is the best method to kick the habit? I know people that have gone completely cold turkey, people who cut down first and people who use the patches. I would like to know what best worked for you? Tips and advice needed! 
    • Carly Speakman
    • Cara Payne
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  • Carly Speakman

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Cara,

    I don't smoke but my mother quit about 8 years ago by just going completely ‘cold turkey’. She just quit. It has worked perfectly for her. She took up regular exercise to help take her mind off of the cravings. Admittedly she gained a little weight but this is where the exercise made all the difference. She also had a healthy supply of gum to keep her mouth busy when her friends were smoking around her. I was very proud of her positive approach and I hope that you are able to quit and lead a healthier life. I hope this is of some help! Good luck with the quit!

  • Cara Payne

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks for the advice speaks! Your mother has done so well, I also think your right about the regular exercise to keep your mind off of cravings. I think this will also motivate me to quit and get healthy and aim for that beach body I have been promising myself . Wish me luck!!


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