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    Is pilates good for fitness or should I be doing other things?

    INterested to get peoples thoughts on pilates for fitness and tone? I dont have much time and tend to just have enough time for pilates and walking…. is that enough? Is pilates resistance better than weights?
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    Natalie Murray

    Pilates Instructor

    Natalie has been teaching Pilates since 1996. Her interest in corrective exercise lead her to Pilates. Helping people take back control over their bodies is … View Profile

    Pilates is great for strength, tone, mobility as welll as injury prevention.  It is the perfect adjunct to other forms of exercise such as walking, running and gym work. 
    Your question implies you would have to swap one for the other.  Pilates has two forms, equipment based (studio), or group mat classes. Both are very effective, however you have more of an opportunity for strength and resistance training in a studio setting and at the same time getting a full body workout.   
    I hope this has helped you.

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