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    St John's Wort and high blood pressure

    It has been suggested that I take St John's Wort, however I am very cautious about taking anything that may have any contraindications. I have read that St John's Wort can cause problems if you have high blood pressure. I woud be interested in hearing from anyone who has taken this and what their experience was.

    Thank you - Alex

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    Hi Alex, yes it is true that St John's Wort interacts with many prescription medications, either affecting how they work, or in some instances producing serious side effects.  There are a number of mendications (eg Warfarin, Digoxin, oral contraceptives, SSRO antedepressants to name a few) that you should not take with St John's Wort.  Also, the research indicates St John's wort has only really shown to be effective for cases of mild depression at this stage.  If you would like some more information on the effectiveness of St John's Wort, how it works and the other medications that it should not be mixed with I would encourage you to have a look at the beyondblue Booklet:  A Guide to What Works for  Depression.  It is free and you can order it from the beyondblue website (www.beyondblue.org.au) or call our information line 1300 22 4636 and we will send you a copy.    
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    Thank you Dr Nicole, I will arrange to get a copy of the booklet.

    Kind regards - Alex

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