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    Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Instability

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    I have suffered SI joint pain and instability on both sides for 6 years. It started since my pregnancy, during which, it was only a mild stinging pain in the SI joint. After the natural delivery of my baby, whenever I sat for a long time to breastfeed, the pain would get worse.

    If I sit still, there would be a "stinging" pain in the muscle tied to the SI joint area. If I didn't lie down, my iliac bone would pop up a little and clicked back into place when I moved around. I could only stand up for 10 mins and lie for the rest of the day. If I wear a pelvic belt, all symptoms are just gone!

    I did an MRI, X-ray, CT scan, which didn't indicate the problem. The muscle around my pelvic gets tired easily. I tried physio and acupuncture. They both helped to some degree. I can move around like a normal person and sit still for 1 hour.

    Do you know what my problem is? What type of doctor should I see?
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