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    Where can I seek help for sleep deprivation and counterintuitive responses?

    In general, I don't get a lot of sleep. I have the odd 8 hour big sleep. However, every year to 18 months, for a 6 month period, things change. I become hyperfocused on tasks, and go at a pretty fast rate for @22 hrs and then my body just stops for 2 hrs (sometimes I sleep or not) and the cycle repeats until I cant move, speak, think, and it's like boom - Finally! Sleep, but then it might be 6 hrs only. Typically there are at least a couple of days when I'm not in that state and then it repeats. What really confuses me is that my mood isn't really impacted much, my alertness and energy levels are ok (but get pretty low a few 22/2 cycles in). Thoughts are generally clear, and after a couple of days of virtually no sleep, I'm barely able to focus long enough to make, let alone drink, a cup of tea, and at the same time, I can sit at my pc and type out, think over, laterally process and structure information pretty well but I cant work out how to acknowledge or respond to things??? Any ideas?
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  • The Sleep Health Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of ‘valuing sleep’ as part of a healthy lifestyle alongside regular exercise, a … View Profile

    The first step is always to see your GP who can refer you to the appropriate sleep specialist. For more information see our fact sheets

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