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    Are long periods after a pregnancy termination normal?

    I had a medically advised termination almost 3 months ago and my cycle is really strange.

    On my 2nd period now but they are lasting twice as long as normal and on this one I swear more of the afterbirth came out.

    Should I be getting checked out before trying again?
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    Dr David Moore

    Gynaecologist, Gynaecologist - Infertility (IVF) Specialist, Obstetrician

    David received a solid foundation to training in tertiary obstetric units and has developed skills in the management of complex and high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. … View Profile

    Hi there,

    It is not unusual for periods to be a little heavier or last a little longer for a few cycles after a pregnancy (regardless of pregnancy outcome).  So what you are experiencing may be normal.

    However, another possibility is that some pregnancy tissue (usually placental-type) was retained after the termination.  This can sometimes leads to infection or, if hormonally active, it may slow down your return to normal menstruation.

    If you feel well and are not in pain, then infection is unlikely; you could wait to see if things normalise after another period or two (now that your womb may be completely empty).  If you are more concerned, or have other symptoms, I would suggest you see your GP who can assess you more thoroughly, examine you, and maybe order some tests for clarification.


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