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    What surgery can improve my breasts and sagging stomach skin?

    I was never keen on cosmetic surgery but recently had some work done on my face and now feel that I have overcome my fear and would like to have other things done.

    I have large breasts and have excess weight around my middle. I would say it isn't loose by a bit saggy after loosing weight.

    I am based in Perth and curious to find out what type of surgery would improve my bust line and be appropriate to help the muffin top. and I am also curious find out the cost involved.

    I am trying to fix the situation the hard way by exercise, diet , but not having much luck.
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  • Dr John Mahony

    Cosmetic Physician

    Dr John Mahony studied Medicine at Sydney University 1980-1984 graduating early 1985. Internship and residency years followed in the Illawarra, covering general medical and surgical … View Profile

    First thing is to get healthy.

    That's not “the hard way”, it's the *only* way if you want the best outcome.

    Cosmetic surgery is no substitute for eating in a way that is self-caring, and exercising in a way that is self-caring.

    If there are thyroid, cortisol, or PCOS issues contributing to your excess weight, then get your doctor to address these.

    If your BMI is over 30 then bariatric surgery has to be considered.

    Once you are at your healthy sustainable best from a realistic  perspective, then cosmetic medical interventions can help if further help is needed.

    Might include abdominal liposuction or abdominoplasty.

    Might include breast reduction by formal incisional surgery or by liposuction.

    But these options are down the track


    Right now, you need lifestyle help from exercise physiologists here

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