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    Is there something better than hydrocortisone cream for longterm use?

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    My cheeks keep on becoming red and flakey then tender to touch. I use hydrocortisone 1% cream to control it when it flares up and I wonder if that is okay to use in the long-term in pulses?
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    Hydrocortisone cream is fine to use long term as long as you have some breaks in between. For example, use for 5 days to control a flare then have a break for 5 days if possible - even a couple of days if you cannot last 5. The skin gets used to the cream when it is used long term and then it does not work as effectively. Having a break every so often makes using the cream work better when it is used. Of course you also need to use moisturizers as well - you could try putting some moisturizer on 10 minutes before applying the hydrocortisone cream.There are also other options for facial eczema such as immunosuppressant creams - ask your GP or Specialist about these next time you visit.

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