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    What could be causing the pain under right foot

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    Feels like you've stepped on a stone with bare feet which i feel is caused by cycling,some call it ‘hotfoot’ except it has persisted. An Ultrasound & x-ray have come up okay.( Right 2nd MTP joint inflamed- plantar plate is intact- no flexor tendon pathology demonstrated nor evidence of Morton’s’ neuroma or bursitis). I do not feel my podiatrist has helped. I have an ironman event in 9 weeks. Help!
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  • Anonymous

    At the moment I can't cylce or run,what can I do

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    I am assuming that pain you are feeling is over the right 2nd MTP joint?

    If the pain gets worse early in the training session, gradually worse during the day and better when resting, it may be a stress fracture of the metatarsal. Stress fractures often do not present themselves on X-ray and an MRI or bone-scan may be required for a definitive diagnosis.

    The pain you are experiencing could also be metatarsalgia. This may be due to increased intensity of your training regime or possibly a change of footwear/orthotics. If this has been the case, it may be worthwhile to scale back the training temporarily and begin a graduated return to exercise. You may also want to have your footwear/orthotics checked out by another podiatrist.

    The pain could also be MTP joint synovitis caused by repetitive stress. To combat this, a pair of custom cushioned orthotics should be utilised to relieve pressure around the area. Following a protocol of relative rest and icing would also be beneficial until the pain has subsided.

    Given that you are looking to compete within the next 9 weeks, it would be prudent to consult your local sports chiro/physio to get a full and thorough examination performed. They may be able to perform some soft tissue treatment, order custom orthotics and provide you with some advice and rehab exercises to help reduce your symptoms.

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    Dr Albert Huynh


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    There are many reasons why you may be experiencing pain under the foot. Commonly our clinic sees patients with pain under the foot as a result of a sprain or strain in the connective tissues, muscles or tendons underneath the foot. This is a result of incorrect footwear, excessive exercise in poor conditions, wear and tear from an old injury, or flat feet.
    As always, a thorough assessment with a chiropractor will determine your condition and determine the appropriate treatment, or referral as necessary to gain you the best outcome.

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